July 16, 2012


EXCERPTS FROM “ THE MEMORY OF VINEGAR AND OIL: ORIGINS UNIFIED By Elide Beltram PhD ……..I rushed to  the Plaza de Toro in Sevilla. I arrived […]
April 1, 2012

Does Vinegar Cosmically Mix With Oil?

by Elidé Beltram Ph.D. Goethe said it, Pythagoras said it, Clytemnestra said it, Shakespeare said it, Shamans have said it…..humans are a version of reactive chemical […]
March 31, 2012

Peed on and Surprised by Borneo Orangutan while Studying with Dr. Galdikas Research Team

by Elidé Beltram Ph.D. With Dr. Galdikas we had different chores every day. I chose to follow the research team while Audrey cared for and trained […]
March 26, 2012
The Memory of Vinegar and Oil

Welcome to my Blog

This blog is about my journeys to Mongolia, Borneo, Morocco, Italy, Spain and Greece, where I delve into the ritualistic cultures of each country, and discover a bipolarity […]