April 29, 2012

Music As Seductive As Casanova

by Elidé Beltram Ph. D. I just came back from my yoga practice and I was angrier then when I entered. I let my mind wonder […]
April 1, 2012

Does Vinegar Cosmically Mix With Oil?

by Elidé Beltram Ph.D. Goethe said it, Pythagoras said it, Clytemnestra said it, Shakespeare said it, Shamans have said it…..humans are a version of reactive chemical […]
April 1, 2012

GOD Atom and Science

by Elidé Beltram Ph.D. When we begin to acknowledge the illusory quality of our separate realities, we move towards an awareness of life’s oneness.   When we […]
April 1, 2012

Survived Borneo Orangutan charge while studying with Dr. Galdikas Research Team

by Elidé Beltram Ph.D. You were guaranteed a different experience at Dr. Galdikas research camp and Borneo Orangutan preserve.  Today was no exception.  Awareness was crucial.   […]