FAMILY CONSTELLATION FIELD , Quantum Physics and Mayonnaise.

Push and Pull of Life
November 30, 2016
January 23, 2017
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FAMILY CONSTELLATION FIELD , Quantum Physics and Mayonnaise.

HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT THE “PUSH AND PULL” IN A RELATIONSHIP as a transfer of information through CONSCIENCE AND MEMORY SYSTEM occurring in family dynamics which creates a family CONSTELLATION.
Today I would like to explain this phenomenon from the Quantum Physics theory. This information transfer takes place beyond space and time as seen in the ENTANGLEMENTS AND NON-LOCALITY manner.
When two or more particles, for example photons that are quantum-mechanically entangled are taken apart, they always react simultaneously in an identical manner, irrespective of distance.
The entanglement I formed by particles colliding with each other. These are sent off in different directions a long distance away from each other. If movement of one of the particles is measured, the other entangled particle is detected to react in an identical manner. THE MEASUREMENT IN ONE LOCATION THEREFORE GIVES THE SAME RESULT AT THE OTHER LOCATION. This transfer of information originates from a “Knowing Field” or The Collective Unconscious and takes place beyond space and time and is one of the MOST IMPORTANT DISCOVERIES in Quantum Physics.
In plain language, this shared field of cosmic affinities and polarities sharing the same molecule is expressed everywhere – between two people in relationship, in astrology, in chemistry and in the food science. For instance in making Mayonnaise, the well known mixture of egg yolk and oil that when emulsified turns into a cream is a good example of the one ATOM creating a collection of balanced molecules with equal forces. One part of the molecule must have a combination of atom they share. People’s attraction has this component of attraction shared by both, a

memory, a gene, a past behavior shared by both to be found at times in previous generations. The hidden bond, the common denominator creates the push and pull in the relationship.
We see this ambiguity in a two year old, wanting and not wanting a parent, the child slowly becomes addicted to that sensation of push and pull that follows humans forever.
So we become addicted to milk, touch, smile and feed off another molecule codependent on each other, not free part of the parent’s DNA blueprint. What was pre-determined by our DNA when we come into awareness of our reality we find ways to heal with balance and we evolve and rejoin the strands of our souls back to the Galaxy, to the Source.

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