July 16, 2012
August 22, 2012
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I invite you to participate in an informal exercise. No previous experience is necessary. This  test can be done immediately on line. It’s a duplication of my doctoral research I did 20 years ago on different responses to music. All you need is to find two different types of music, it should not contain any words. The listening will take no more than 5 minutes. Please choose two excerpts of music, one that you like and one that you don’t like. You’ll need paper and pencil for notating thoughts, phrases, feelings that will arise during the listening.

1. Sit comfortably alone, with the paper and pencil and the music source near you. Start listening to the music you like and follow any images, or messages you “see” and “hear” while following the music. Make sure you also write down any body sensations you may have.

2. After 5 minutes turn off the music, review the notation and distract yourself for a while, getting up, getting a glass of water or walking around.

3. Return to your chair with the second type of music you don’t like and proceed with number 1 and 2.

When you are finished send me your remarks and thoughts related to the music listening to info@calltheshrink.com. You may stay anonymous, but I will need either initials or numbers for identification purpose.

The results will be disclosed soon and you will be notified. I hope you’ll enjoy this exercise and be prepared to partake in more tests and exercises regularly.

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