GOD Atom and Science

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April 1, 2012
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April 1, 2012
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GOD Atom and Science

by Elidé Beltram Ph.D.

When we begin to acknowledge the illusory quality of our separate realities, we move towards an awareness of life’s oneness.   When we see something as an illusion, we feel the desire to lift the veil and discover how things really are.  The human being may be the only life form in the evolutionary scale that feels separate, and therefore moved to work through that evolution, and the ego makes it possible and necessary.  As we grow in awareness of our relatedness, the responsibility to self becomes responsibility to others. We begin to see that everything we do or think or feel affects all life on the planet.

Music, in order to create motion brings us to levels of tension and release just like a relationship, one can actually hear questions, answers and frictions in a musical passage. Using dissonant and consonant sounds and varied rhythms and tempos we can identify with it and vicariously relive moments of our lives. A well chosen instrument with a particular pitch and sound will also evoke emotions and memories. Ultimately when we experience shared affinities and polarities in music, it brings us to an unexpected place for us to explore and heal. It’s a very sacred place.

The relationship between the performer and the listener began long before their first meeting in the performance hall.  Both musician and listener have been preparing themselves for the encounter form the time of birth, perhaps from previous lifetimes.

Homeopathic remedies work because of understanding the nature of the imbalance.  In healing of an ailment, the remedy and the disease share a common denominator. The sense of disease gets artificially recreated, through the process of clearing it.  Using these innate properties to combine an antidote of opposing remedy will eradicate the imbalance down to the SOURCE because the antidote gets closer to our life force.

In psychoanalysis, the behaviors that the holds the patient back from healing, are repeated in the sessions with the analyst in an artificial way, by projecting on the analyst, unwanted feelings; this is a manipulated way to bring out feelings that could not be accessed by the patient.  Eventually those pent up feelings can be looked at and lightened or cleared all together. The analyst and client, may have a shared combination of feelings of the patient’s situation.

In astrology it is the same principle, we respond to cosmic affinities and polarities not because we are the same but because we have that one denominator in common.

Even in food science, the ONE atom, creates a collection of balanced molecules, cohesion with equal  force.  (One part of the molecule must have a combination of atom they share.)

We reconstitute curdled mayonnaise with one drop of lemon or vinegar to balance the polarities.  To make a good Vinegar and oil dressing, the vinegar needs to be emulsified to the oil or it separates, like two people fighting but not really wanting to leave each other because there is a hidden bond, a shared atom, a common denominator.

Since we are part of a larger self, it makes sense that we are attracted to that force but we are also terrified. We see that push and pull during the period of separation of the two year old wanting to feel independent but it’s scared of it, so he shows this ambiguity by wanting and not wanting the caregiver.

This is also, where addictions start. We are addicted to milk, touch, smile at birth, we are pulled toward what we know, and feeding offs another molecule, codependent on each other, not free. Its part of the DNA blueprint inherited from one of our parents.  It is only when we separate and become independent that the energy passes between two bodies and psyche uninterrupted, like the spiral strands of the DNA. What was pre-determined by our DNA when we come into awareness of our reality physical and emotional, we find ways to heal, with balance, and we EVOLVE and rejoin the strands of our souls back to the Galaxy, to the image of the SOURCE?

In my book The Memory of Vinegar and Oil:Origins Unified.  I studied and explored at length these bipolarities with a team of musicians, an astrologer, a homeopathic MD, me a Psychoanalyst, as we study and observe many different peoples and cultures.

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